You may have noticed we have a music player here on our homepage conveniently linked to a Mixcloud playlist of some of our amazing DJs and some of their bliss-inducing sets, performed and recorded live at the 4th Social Club in Second Life. I’m working on looking for a new player that can sit in the sidebar or something while you surf the site (vs. just on the homepage) but in the meantime, you can flip through the playlist by clicking “Up Next” at the right-hand side of the player.

It’s a mix of euphoric liquid, deep house, deep tech, tech house, tribal, progressive, techno, and a few other treats sprinkled in for good measure. PURE QUALITY UNDERGROUND VIBES in every single set! So what ya waiting for? Hungry for a 4th set and nothing happening til later? NO WORRIES. We gotchu.

Click play. Let the music flow. Vibe out. 


For now, Liquid DnB goddess Squeekz is front and center because a) she rocks and b) I can’t figure out how to rotate who shows up first. 🙂 But have fun playing with it… as more of our DJs record and publish their sets to Mixcloud and other similarly shareable streaming media platforms, they’ll be available right here at!

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