Straight outta the UK underground, here’s a boombastic performance for all the energy loving junglists in the place!

Check out MC Bellyman & friends packin’ up the car, spittin’ dem rhymes and droppin’ dem barz. Showin’ em how it’s done! BOH BOH!

Cypher dnb ft Dj Kezman

1 Bellyman
2 Maddy v
3 Ac Mc
4 Lady mc
5 Mc Fury
6 Dotty
7 Busta
8 Y Zer
9 Element
10 Degs
11 Dazman
12 Reeality
13 J.O.K
14 Lady mc
15 Bellyman

What did you think of this video? Do you love or hate the sound of an MC tossing lyrics over your beats? Does it hype you up or kill your buzz? Have your say in the comments below.

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